Top 6 Cat Trees Under $50 You Can Find On The Market In 2021

Have you been looking for low-lost cat trees under $50?

Then don’t miss our article. Read about the cat tree models that we have listed and find out more about each model. Make sure to check out the buyer’s guide we have prepared to help you choose the right tree for your cats.

The Summary

Catry Cradle Bed Cat Tree SummaryCatry Cradle Bed Cat Tree
Catry’s cat tree comes with a unique design. It is a beautiful cat tree for one or two cats. The unit is fun and cozy at the same time.
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Nova Microdermabrasion Two Condo Tree SummaryNova Microdermabrasion Condo Tree
This two-condo cat tree includes a large scratching board and an elevated perch. The unit is cozy and perfect for long naps.
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AmazonBasics Platform Cat Tree SummaryAmazonBasics Small Cat Tower
This two-perch cat tree is cozy and soft. It comes with scratching pillars as well. It is ideal for smaller-sized cats.
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Roypet Elevated Perch Tree SummaryRoypet Elevated Perch Tree
Roypet’s cat tree comes with an elevated cat perch. It is an ideal unit for cats that love to climb to high locations and observe the area around them.
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Otlive Groundfloor Cat Condo Tree SummaryOtlive Ground-Floor Cat Condo Tree
Otlive’s cat tree includes a cat condo on the ground floor. It is perfect for cats that love to hide while asleep. There are two platforms and a toy too.
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Polis Bebe Star And Moon Tree SummaryPolis Bebe Star And Moon Tree
The star and moon cat tree by Polis Bebe is cute, fun, and modern. It is suitable for small cats and those of medium size as well.
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Best 6 Cat Trees Under $50 Reviews


Catry Cradle Bed Cat Tree

Nice Design
Catry’s cat tree is attractive and beautiful. It comes in neutral grey and beige colors. The heavy baseboard includes two perches supported by two columns. There is a hanging rope included and the columns are wrapped in paper rope.

Catry Cradle Bed Cat Tree Review

Good Quality
The unit is made of carpet fabric and paper rope material. It is a quality and sturdy cat tree that will easily accommodate one or two cats of medium size. It is well-proportioned and skin-safe. The paper rope material will attract your cats and allow them to scratch.

The Measures
This small to medium cat tree measures approximately 16.5-inch L/ 12.6-inch W/ 27.4-in. The tree will accommodate cats up to 10 pounds. This unit will easily fit under your window, next to any wall, or in an unoccupied corner.

Catry Cradle Bed Cat Tree

Simple To Set Up
It is very easy and quick to set this beautiful cat tree up. All the necessary tools that are required for the installation are included as well as the setup instructions. One adult is just enough to do the job properly. Get this cat tree under $50 and let it satisfy all of your cats’ needs.

In Short:

  • nice and unique cat tree design
  • ideal for cats up to 10 pounds
  • includes two perches
  • comes with paper rope scratching posts
  • easy and quick to set up


Nova Microdermabrasion Two Condo Tree

Cozy And Comfortable
If you have cuddly cats at home, then they probably like to spend time grooming or relaxing. This cat tree under $50 is another unit that will keep your lovely fur friends happy and satisfied. It provides them with a lot of comfortable space for long naps.

Nova Microdermabrasion Two Condo Tree Review

Two Cat Condos
The unit includes two big cat condos. Each condo is spacious enough to fit one medium-sized cat or two kittens at the same time. Both condos come with two large entrances. They are covered in soft and warm plush material from the outside and inside.

Large Scratching Board
On the front side of this cat tree, there is a large scratching board. It is here to help your cats to climb to the first-floor condo and to satisfy their scratching needs. The board is wrapped in natural sisal rope and invites your cat to sharpen its claws and keep them healthy.

Nova Microdermabrasion Two Condo Tree

The Elevated Perch
The top elevated perch is supported by two columns and the first-floor condo. It is spacious and cozy. It is ideal for cats that love to climb to high locations. They will keep an eye on the surrounding area and feel confident and safe.

In Short:

  • comfortable cat tree with condos
  • the condos and spacious and cozy
  • there is one elevated perch included
  • the tree comes with a scratching board
  • ideal for cats that love to sleep and relax


AmazonBasics Small Cat Tower

Two Perches
The AmazonBasics small cat tree includes a baseboard that holds three columns. The unit includes two perches (one of them is elevated and supported by two columns.) This tree is perfect for cozy and longs nappings and petting.

AmazonBasics Platform Cat Tree Review

Scratching Posts
The included scratching posts are here to help your cat stay active and satisfy its instincts. Cats love to scratch. They do it to mark the territory, strech after waking up from a nap, and to keep their calws strong and sharp. The AmazonBasics cat tree under $50 is quality and pet-friendly.

Measures And Capacoty
The overall dimensions of this unit are approximately 17.72 x 14.17 x 21.46 inches. It is a short cat tree that can fit almost anywhere in your room or living room. This three will hold up to 2 cats. The maximum holding weight is 25 lbs at the same time.

AmazonBasics Platform Cat Tree

The Material
This tree is made of sturdy chipboard material. It is covered in safe and skin-friendly plush cover. The unit’s posts are wrapped in jute fiber. They are ideal for cats’ scratching. This cat tree will hold cats of all ages. It is safe and easy to climb.

In Short:

  • small two-perche tree
  • includes two scratching posts
  • covered in pet-friendly material
  • accommodates up to 25 lbs
  • cozy and perfect for long nappings


Roypet Elevated Perch Tree

Faux Fur Covering
This cat tree by Roypet manufacturer is almost entirely carpeted. It covered with high-quality faux fur material and natural sisal. It is a cat tree that will keep your indoor cats active and cozy at the same time.

Roypet Elevated Perch Tree Review

Scratching Posts
There is a scratching column included as well as the scratching board in the shape of an arch. The rough sisal will invite your cats to scratch and it will promote cats’ natural behavior. The posts help your cats to keep their nails healthy.

Elevated Perch
Another cat tree under $50 that comes with an elevated perch. It is easy to reach. Cats can climb the scratching column or simply jump on it from distance. Felines that love to stay in high locations will feel confident and observe around.

Roypet Elevated Perch Tree

Durable Cat Tree
This medium cat tree is made of quality material. The unit is well-proportioned and it stands on a wide and heavy base. The tree will last you a long time. We suggest you place it next to a wall for additional stability. The measures are 13.8″Lx13.4″ Wx32″H.

In Short:

  • covered in faux fur material
  • includes many scratching posts
  • there is an elevated perch
  • constructed of quality material
  • stable and long-lasting unit


Otlive Ground-Floor Cat Condo Tree

Spacious Cat Condo
The ground-floor cat condo includes is large and roomy. It has a large entrance and a large circular window included. The condo will fit one adult cat of medium size or even two kittens at the same time. It is cozy and ideal for private nappings.

Otlive Groundfloor Cat Condo Tree Review

For Shy And Senior Cats
This cat tree under $50 is suitable for all cats, no matter the size or breed. In our opinion, such a unit is a top choice for households with senior cats or those with a shy personality. Old cats cannot climb to high locations easily and shy cats prefer hiding instead of perching.

The Two Platforms
Apart from the condo with a window, there are two elevated platforms included. Cats that can and love to climb will probably prefer sleeping over there. Also, the tree includes a dangling toy and scratching posts.

Otlive Groundfloor Cat Condo Tree

Promotes Active Life
Otlive’s tree has a simple design and it is functional and elegant. However, the unit is here to help your cats scratch, climb, and stay occupied by playing with a hanging toy. This simple cat tree will satisfy all of your cats’ needs on a daily basis.

In Short:

  • includes a ground-floor condo
  • the cat condo is spacious
  • there are two platforms
  • a hanging toy is included
  • ideal for shy and senior cats


Polis Bebe Star And Moon Tree

Attractive Design
This unusual cat tree comes with three perches. They are shaped like two stars and a moon. Households with children particularly love this cat tree. It is fun and attractive. It looks nice in your home and keeps cats busy and happy too.

Polis Bebe Star And Moon Tree Review

For Smaller-Sized Cats
You will love this cat tree under $50 if you have small to medium-sized cats at home. The unit is stable and well-balanced, but not suitable for large cats. It is quite small and space-saving. It is perfect if you have a lack of space at home.

Quick To Put Together
You will need no more than 5 minutes to put this unit together. Also, the package comes with instructions. This is a no-tool assembly and easily done by one adult. The assembled size is approximately 8.86-inch, 16.93-inch, and 25-inch perches.

Polis Bebe Star And Moon Tree

Stable And Well-Balanced
Polis Bebe’s cat tower under $50 is another unit that stands on a stable and wide circular base. It is long-lasting and completely safe. All the material is pet-friendly. This unit will stand still when your cats are playing. Place it next to a wall for additional safety and stability.

In Short:

  • two stars and one moon tree
  • includes a dangling cat toy ball
  • stands on a wide circular base
  • includes scratching posts
  • functional, small, and elegant tree

How To Pick: Cat Trees Under $50

There are plenty of cat trees under $50 available on the market. However, such an affordable price does not always mean good quality. In our buyer’s guide, read more about these units and make to know which qualities your new cat tree should come with. Make your cat happy and keep it safe.

Low-Budget Price – If you are in search of an affordable cat tree and your budget is limited, you shouldn’t worry. It won’t be hard to find a cheap cat tree that will meet your cat’s needs. However, not every low-cost unit uses quality materials. Also, not every cat tree will hold the same weight.

The Unit’s Quality – Most cheap cat tree houses and towers for cats are made of MDF, particleboard, or cardboard material. The construction is usually well-balanced and it should be safe as long as you use the tree properly. Most units are partially or fully covered with a warm plush carpet. It is skin-safe and keeps cats relaxed.

Perches And Condos – It is important that your new cat tree includes a special place for sleep. Cats love to sleep on perches or inside baskets or condos. They will need a calm and private space to relax. Shy cats love to squeeze inside of a condo and sleep for hours. Some trees have carpets on the inside while others include removable cushions.

Ideal Playground – Most cat trees come with a dangling toy. They usually hang from the top perch and attract cats’ attention by swinging back and forth. Apart from that, the multi-level cat trees keep cats active and allow them to climb and jump. There are scratching posts included too. They help to keep your cats’ claws healthy and strong.

Where To Get? – You can get a cat tree under $50 in any local pet shop or online. Check out the models we have reviewed. If you liked them, buy from an online webshop that you trust. Also, make sure they come from a reliable manufacturer. Read customer reviews before buying.

To Sum Up

Now you know how to choose the model that will meet all of your cat’s needs and be safe at the same time. That said, comparing the six above-listed cat trees under $50, we would recommend you to get the Roypet Elevated Perch Tree. We liked its design and quality. It includes a cat nail file scratching post that allows your cat to satisfy its natural instincts. If you want to check out more cheap models. read our article about the best cat trees under $30.

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