Top 6 Cardboard Cat Scratcher Cubes That Fit Every Home 2021

Do you need to find the perfect model of a cardboard cat scratcher cube?

You’re not sure which one has the best features?

Keep on reading, we found the best 6 models on the market so you can choose the best horizontal, small, vertical, large, and best affordable models. For more helpful tips check our guide at the end of the post.

The Summary

AmazonBasics Scratcher summaryBest Of Best:
AmazonBasics Scratcher
This scratcher has a modern design and you can pull out the inner piece for more functionality. It is suitable for medium-size cats.
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XMSG Tunnel Cat House summaryBest Horizontal:
XMSG Tunnel Cat House
This scratcher has a cute print and it is made of durable cardboard. It has interactive toys for playing and a corrugated surface for scratching.
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Way Basics Cat Scratcher summaryBest Small:
Way Basics Cat Scratcher
If you’re looking for a modern design, this scratcher is a perfect choice. It is made of thick cardboard with multiple surfaces for scratching.
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Bobocawa Cat House summaryBest Vertical:
Bobocawa Cat House
Unique design will catch your cat’0s attention. The geometric shape will provide easy scratching and playing. It is suitable for small cats.
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Creation Core House summaryBest Large:
Creation Core House
If you need a cat house, this large package is perfect for you. You will get 6 cardboard boxes with a customizable design.
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Golden Tech Cat Cube summaryBest Cheap:
Golden Tech Cat Cube
For an affordable option, this cardboard cube is a perfect choice. It is suitable for small cats and you can easily move it around.
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Top 6 Cardboard Cat Scratcher Cubes

Best Of Best: AmazonBasics Scratcher

Brown Color
If you’re looking for a modern and functional cardboard cat scratcher cube, this AmazonBasic model has great features. It comes in a neutral brown color combination, so you can fit it easily with your home decor.

AmazonBasics Scratcher

Durable Cardboard
Scratcher is made of durable cardboard that is non-toxic for pet’s safety. It has 18.1 x 18.1 x 10.4 inches, suitable for medium size cats. This large square cube will catch your cat’s attention so she can do her daily routine.

Lightweight Construction
There is a corrugated surface on the horizontal and vertical side of this modern cat scratcher, so your cat can fully stretch her muscles in any direction. Scratcher is lightweight so you can quickly move it.

AmazonBasics Scratcher review

2 In 1
You can remove the inner part of the cube outside, for more comfort and more places for scratching. It is a perfect feature for playing, cats love to move around, jump on the scratcher, and be active.

In Short

  • Modern design in brown color
  • Made of durable cardboard
  • Suitable for medium size cats
  • Horizontal and vertical use
  • Removable inner cube for more activities

Best Horizontal: XMSG Tunnel Cat House

Cute Print
A cute cat scratcher is always a good option if you love cute prints that match your home decor, and you want to buy the best model that will catch your cat’s attention. This scratcher has a blueprint so it can easily fit in every house.

XMSG Tunnel Cat House

Pet Safe
This cardboard cat scratcher cube is made of durable paper that is 100 % recyclable and pet safe. You don’t have to worry about stability, it is sturdy for use but you can easily move it from place to place. 

Balls For Playing
At the top of the scratcher is a wide corrugated surface for scratching. On the sides, there are balls for playing. A surface is a great place for laying as well, so your cat can have a better view.

XMSG Tunnel Cat House review

Hanging Toy
In the middle of the cube, there is a hole with a rounded corrugated surface so your cat can use both of them for scratching. For more fun, the scratcher cube has a hanging toy. Your cat will love using this scratcher.

In Short

  • Cool scratcher with a cute print
  • Made of durable paper
  • Easy moving from place to place
  • Balls and toys for playing
  • Corrugated surface for scratching

Best Small: Way Basics Cat Scratcher

Simple Design
If you prefer a simple design with dark color, this Way Basics cardboard cat scratcher cube will look great in your interior. It is made of high-quality materials and it has an imitation of wood at the front, to catch your cat’s attention.

Way Basics Cat Scratcher

For Small Cats
Scratcher measures 11.2 x 12.8 x 13.4 inches, and it is suitable for kittens and small cats. Because of the small dimension, you can easily place this cardboard scratcher wherever your cat prefers to move around the most.

Non-toxic Cardboard
It is made of durable non-toxic cardboard and you can recycle it when it wears off. There are zboard cardboard surfaces on the sides and on the top of the scratcher so your cat can scratch her claws in any direction.

Way Basics Cat Scratcher review

Quick Setup
In the middle of this vertical cat scratcher is a hole, a perfect place for sleeping, it is fully covered with cardboard. You can easily set it in every corner when is not in the use. Assembly is easy, just peel the strips and put the parts together.

In Short

  • Simple design with wood imitation
  • Suitable for kittens and small cats
  • Made of non-toxic cardboard
  • Multiple surfaces for scratching
  • Quick setup and storing

Best Vertical: Bobocawa Cat House

Geometric Pattern
If you really want a unique corrugated cat scratcher, with the most amazing design, this Bobocawa cat house is one of the best models on the market. It has a geometric pattern that will look great in every corner of your house.

Bobocawa Cat House

Thick Cardboard
Scratcher is made of durable and thick cardboard, so you don’t have to worry about stability when your cat is using it. The rough texture will provide enjoyable scratching and your cat can fully stretch her muscles to stay active and healthy.

Easy Moving
This cardboard cat scratcher cube measures 14.49 x 14.17 x 7.76 inches, and if you have a kitten or small cat, this is a perfect choice. You can easily move it from place to place, it is lightweight and stable.

Bobocawa Cat House review

Cut-out Design
Because of the cut-out design, it is a perfect place for playing as well, you can have fun with your pet using the wand toy. Don’t worry about assembly, it is quick and easy and ready for use in a minute.

In Short

  • Unique geometric pattern
  • Made of thick cardboard with cut out design
  • Suitable for small cats and kittens
  • Lightweight for easy moving
  • Quick and easy setup

Best Large: Creation Core House

Specific Design
This model is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a customizable design. Creation Core cardboard cube comes in a neutral color so you can place it in every corner of your home. This model has great features and a specific design.

Creation Core House

Multiple Boxes
This model includes 6 cardboard boxes, and they are made of durable and thick cardboard, with a pet and eco-friendly materials. Each cardboard cat scratcher cube is stable for using, and lightweight for moving.

Included Posts
At the bottom of the boxes, there are corrugated scratching posts, so your cat can do her daily routine and have healthy nails. You will get 3 scratching posts in the package, to prevent furniture from damaging.

Creation Core House review

Change The Shape
Each box measures 11.8 x 11.8 x  11.8 inches, and it is suitable for kittens and small cats. Installation is simple and quick, and you can easily change the shape of this unique cat scratcher, just connect link pieces.

In Short

  • The neutral color and customizable design
  • Includes 6 cardboard boxes
  • Made of thick and durable cardboard for stability
  • Multiple corrugated posts or scratching
  • Suitable for kittens and small cats
  • Easy installation and shape change

Best Cheap: Golden Tech Cat Cube

Simple And Functional
If you’re looking for an affordable option, this Golden tech cardboard cat scratcher cube is a perfect choice. It has a simple and functional design and you can place it anywhere you want.

Golden Tech Cat Cube

Pet And Eco-friendly
Cube is made of thick and durable cardboard, that is pet and eco-friendly, without any harmful chemicals. It is stable for using and you can easily move it around so your cat can use it on a daily basis.

For Small Cats
This cardboard cube has 11.4 x 11.4 x 12 inches, and if you have a small cat or a kitten this is a perfect option. There is a corrugated scratching post at the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about furniture damaging anymore.

Golden Tech Cat Cube review

Place For Playing
A small cat scratcher condo has a hole on each side, so your cat can play around, jump inside and out and stay active and healthy. A cube can be used for sleeping as well, your cat will love using it.

In Short

  • Simple and functional design
  • Cube is made of thick cardboard
  • Suitable for kitten and small cat
  • Corrugated post to prevent furniture damage
  • A place for playing and sleeping

How To Pick The Best Cardboard Cat Scratcher Cube?

Cardboard cubes are a great choice for scratching because they are practical and easy for moving. If you’re not sure which type of scratcher will be the perfect choice for your cat, keep on reading and find out everything about important features and tips for buying.

Safe And Durable – One of the most important things you need to check before buying is the material that the scratcher is made from. The cardboard needs to be thick and durable, to provide stability while a cat is using it. Also, it needs to be pet- and eco-friendly, without harmful chemicals, so you can recycle it after it wears off.

Dimensions Of The Cube– So your cat can easily use it and fit inside, you need to choose the right dimension. Make sure that the hole is large enough for easy moving inside and out. Also, the scratching surface needs to be wide enough for enjoyable scratching. If you have a medium-size cat, pick around 18 to 20 inches scratching cube.

Scratching Surface – Scratching claws is a part of a cat’s daily routine and you need to make sure she can easily do it. Depending on your cat’s needs, and how is she used to stretch her muscles,  pick the vertically or horizontal cat scratcher. We recommend picking the scratcher with multiple surfaces, so she can stretch in any direction.

Functional Design – The cardboard cat scratcher cube is very functional for use, it can have many useful features. If you want to provide fun and playful time, pick the scratching cube with interactive toys. Customizable design is always a great option, you can change the shape of it anytime you want. If you’re looking for a cheap cat scratcher, pick a simple design that can be stackable.

To Sum Up

The best cardboard cat scratcher cube from the market in our opinion is AmazonBasics scratcher. It has a modern design, made of durable cardboard. It comes with a 2 in 1 design so you can make it more functional. If you need a scratcher bed for your pet, check our post and pick the best cardboard cat scratcher bed. Also, if you’re interested in some cool shape scratchers, check this post, we found the best cat scratcher car on the market.

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