What To Do If Your Birds Fly Out Of Cage? Guide For Owners

Having a bird can be a fun and exciting experience in which you can socialise it with it well.

One way of socialisation is to let your bird, from time to time, out of the cage.

Yet, bad things can happen and have you ever wondered what to do if a bird flies out of a cage? In this article, we bring you useful advice on what to do to get your bird in the cage again. Also, learn how to let it out of the cage safely and what you should do to socialise it better.

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Find Ideal Cage For Keeping Bird

Keeping a bird as a pet requires specific equipment that you need to ensure before having one. The most important is a cage and it is even recommended to have two cages. In one it will spend most of the day and sleep at night, so it needs to be wide and high enough. It is recommended to separate sleeping and eating space. The other cage is smaller and it is for travelling. It can be small just to fit a bird and then transfer it to the main again. The cage should have safe and firm doors which will protect the bird from going out. Depending on the bird species, it can be of different shape and size. Parrots who generally like to climb should have taller cages, while canary can live in a wider and lower cage. A good cage won`t only be a comfortable home for your bird, but also keep you careless.

Other Equipment For Having A Bird

Other than a quality cage, you will need to invest some extra money in equipment for your bird. It is most important that you provide it dish for a portion of food and water that won`t make any mess. Also, be sure that they have a hiding corner where they can sleep or hide if they need more privacy. Birds love toys, so be sure they have enough quality and challenging toys, like ladders. Other equipment includes cleaning equipment that will help you maintain the cage. The last and the most interesting part is to choose the best bird for your needs. You can choose between a quiet bird and a noisy parrot and between so many kinds, colour and types of birds. A bird must suit your lifestyle and needs.

Where To Place Cage With Bird

Placing a cage with the bird is rather an important part of taking care of your beloved pet. Notice that it can differ from species to species. The right place is very important for the well-being of a bird. Don’t keep it too low or too high, the chest-high is ideal. If you don’t have that high furniture, try to find a hanger. Always keep them inactive rooms, with a lot of people passing by. Usually, it is the hall that connects the living room with a kitchen. You should never keep them in a kitchen or a bathroom since steaming can kill them. They need to be entertained a lot during the day. One side of a cage must be near the wall, so birds feel safe and secured. Try to keep it away from windows and near heaters or air conditioner to avoid sudden temperature changes.


How Often To Let Birds Fly Out Of Cage

It isn’t healthy for a bird to spend most of the time in a cage. A grown bird should spend at least 3 hours outside of the cage. Some birds prefer more time inside. You should see how your bird is reacting to a free time and try to interact with other people. Some may feel scared in such a big space, so they will try to escape. There are several steps you should ensure before letting it free. First, secure the space and limit the possible flying routes. Close the doors and save only one room for flying. Be sure that all windows are closed tightly. Then, remove any plants that can be poisonous or pets that can harm them. Once a bird is out, you can have plenty of activities together, like dancing, sharing food, playing games. Also, they can have their open playgrounds to perform different activities.

Why Is It Important To Let Bird To Fly Out Of Cage?

There are several reasons why you should leave your bird outside of the cage. First, it is important because of socialisation with owners and people around. As the bird sees you every day but isn’t in touch with you, you can`t teach it any trick. Also, the idea of having a pet isn’t only to keep it in a cage. If you want to teach a parrot to talk, you should start sharing your time with it. What is more, birds are very energetic and want affection only for them. While you play with it, avoid other activities and pay full attention to your play.

Another important reason is that they need to stay active to live long and remain healthy. Birds have wings to fly and you need to assure they have enough activity. In combination with a portion of healthy food, you will have your pet for years. Also, the happy bird will sing and you can teach it different tricks.

The last reason is to keep their mind active and curious. Birds are rather clever animals and need psychological activity to remain happy.

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Steps What To Do If Birds Fly Out Of Cage

Sometimes, when we play with our bird or just clean its cage, birds tend to fly out. If you haven’t closed a window or a door, it can be a stressful situation for a pet owner. Here are some steps to do in a similar situation.

  • When you want to let your bird out, check all of the windows and doors. Even some routines, like feeding them or cleaning the cage, can be a potentially dangerous situation when they can escape.
  • In those situations, immediate response and reaction are crucial. Try to close the windows or doors as soon as possible. Also, alarm someone near you to come and help you as quickly as possible. Don’t panic and scream because that can, even more, scare the bird and it can escape quicker. Try to remain calm and keep everything under the control.
  • If your bird is still in the house, close all of the exits and leave their favourite treat on a visible spot. Usually, they will quickly come and you can easily transport them in the cage again.
  • If your bird has exited out, you should immediately find a few willing people to help you and search on the nearest trees.
  • An escaped bird doesn’t know how its home look likes, so try to wear bright clothes and use the usual sound to call it. Also, always have some treats with you.
  • Once you have located it, use familiar sounds and try to come as close as possible to it. home birds usually don’t fly high, but they don’t know how to land safely. So, be sure that you can reach it.
  • Use your transportation cage and try to come as close as possible. Be sure that there is enough food and treats or visible toy that will attract the bird inside. Don’t make any sudden moves that can scare it. If you don’t have a cage at the moment, use a towel with a toy and then gently put it inside. In that way, you won`t shock it.
  • If you can`t find your bird, communicate with a community and seek help. Post photos on social networks or tape them in the neighbourhood. Don’t forget to leave your contact if somebody finds it.
  • Exotic birds are usually very scared of nature. They can`t find food by themselves and can`t fly for a long time. Because of different noises and without shelter, they usually won`t sleep for a longer time. After 2 to 3 days, they usually seek human help and food. Sometimes, it is only necessary to wait.
  • Once you have caught it and on the safe and sound, think about trimming feathers. While wing feathers usually are very beautiful and exotic, trimming may spare you stress and sadness when your bird flies away.
  • The most important is to take caution measures and to train them. if you hold your bird often and spend time with it, it will trust you and feel safe, without a wish for escaping. When you are near it, try to lower your energy not to scare it.

To Sum Up

Birds can be very fun and smart pets if you spend some time with them. It is normal to let the bird out of the cage and has many benefits, but if you don’t take care of surrounding, it can easily escape. If it happens, it is very important to stay calm, seek help and wait for it with your favourite treats! If you need some cages for your bird pet, make sure you check the posts about the best large aviary so that your bird will have enough space for flight and won’t need to go out of the cage. Read also the post about the best cheap parrot cages that will surely meet your budget.

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