Best 6 Double Macaw Cage With And Without Dividers Reviews

Are you and your macaws read for a double macaw cage that will both help you save space and leave you with the choice of housing your macaws together?

You can make it happen if you continue reading this article where we only reviewed the best ones we could find. In terms of function, most of these are similar but that definitely doesn’t stand true for their price and looks so that’s why you can also find antique and cheap cages here and that’s definitely not all you’ll find.

The Summary

BEST OF BEST DOUBLE MACAW CAGE SummaryMccage Extra Large Parrot Cage
Although the cages can’t be connected interior-wise, you can actually stack the cages on top of one another. It’s good for housing smaller macaws.
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BEST CENTER DIVIDER DOUBLE MACAW CAGE SummaryWesternPacific Large Macaw Cage
You can either choose to leave your macaw separated in their own cage arts or you can house them together by removing the center divider.
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The cage is so large that if you decided to remove the center divider, it could easily act as an aviary for macaws. It’s durable thanks to 6 gauge wire.
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BEST CHEAP DOUBLE MACAW CAGE SummaryAier Double Cage For Macaws
If you don’t have all that money to spend on these cages but still want a quality cage, you can get this one for only around 200 dollars.
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BEST SMALL DOUBLE MACAW CAGE SummaryPawHut Rolling Metal Bird Cage
The main function of this cage is to act as a double flight cage. Because of the 0.5-in wire spacing, you should use it to only house smaller macaws.
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BEST WITH STAND DOUBLE MACAW CAGE SummaryVivohome Stackable Breeding Cage
This cage primarily acts as a breeding cage due to the divider ad 2 nesting box entrances it has. You should use it to breed only small macaws.
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Best 6 Double Macaw Cages


Mccage Extra Large Parrot Cage

Small Macaw Cage
Did you know that there are around 17 macaw species known to man? Fewer are actually kept as pets but it just goes to show you how versatile these birds are and that goes for their size as well. Some species of macaws are as small as cockatiels and these are the macaws that you’ll get to house in this cage.


Separate Cage Dimensions
These are actually separate cages that you can stack on one another. The cages share a single play area on top so you can consider it to be a play-top bird cage. Each cage is 30-in long, 24-in wide, and 26-in tall. If you include the stand and the play top the cage becomes 74-in tall.

Common Iron Build
It’s very common for bird cages, in general, to be made out of the material this double macaw cage is made out of. The material in question is wrought iron and you can rely on it to be pretty durable because of the low carbon properties but it comes with a fair warning and that is that it rusts more easily.

Mccage Extra Large Parrot Cage

Finish And Accessories
The rusting problem is an easy fix. All you need to do is make sure that the cage has a bird non-toxic powder coat finish at the very least and this one has it. Each cage comes with a single wooden perch and 2 bowls. The top features 2 bowls as well, a single perch, and 2 play ladders.

In Short:

  • Has a wrought iron build
  • MAde up of two separate cages
  • You can stack the cages
  • The top features 2 ladders, a perch, and 2 bowls
  • Each cage is 30-in long, 24-in wide, and 26-in tall
  • The interior comes with 2 interior perches and 4 bowls


WesternPacific Large Macaw Cage

Cage Splitting
This is a cage that you can choose to separate into two cages or you can house your macaws together inside one large undivided interior. This is all made possible thanks to the center divider that it comes with. You can easily remove it or put it back into its designated slot.


How Much Space It Gives You
The bar spacing of 1-in alone is enough to prove that this double macaw cage is an excellent choice for housing larger macaws. The other thing to prove it is each separate cage dimension. With the divider, each separate cage is 38-in wide, 40-in deep, and 77-in tall.

Breeding Macaws
These cages can commonly be used as breeder cages and it’s no wonder since they’re perfect for housing a pair of macaws. To help set everything up, the far top of each side features an entrance where you can place a breeding or nesting box. Each side also features 2 feeding entrances.

WesternPacific Large Double Macaw Cage

Connected For Life
Although we said that this double macaw cage with center divider is separate, we do have to say that you can’t actually physically separate them. They sit on a stand with 6 wheels that feature 2 slide-out cleaning drawers. It makes sense that it sits on wheels since it would be really hard to move it due to its weight of 250 lbs.

In Short:

  • Acts as one large double macaw cage
  • You can separate the cage with a divider
  • Each separate cage is 38-in wide, 40-in long, and 77-in tall
  • Sits on a  stand with 6 wheels
  • The slide-out cleaning trays are separated
  • Comes with 2 nesting box entrances
  • Has a 1-in bar spacing


Flyline Double Cage

Large But Looking Nice
You do have to understand that most of these cages are extra large and not a lot of people can afford for a cage to take up that much space. What you can do in this cage is to get a cage that looks nicer and this is where this cage goes into action since it’s a vintage bird cage with stand.


Rounded Bits
Mainly, it’s antique because of the rounded top corners that also make it somewhat of a large round bird cage. We wouldn’t recommend it if it were fully round though but since it does feature corners, you can feel confident in housing your macaws inside safely.

Aviary Function
This double macaw cage is 64-in wide, 32-in long, and 73-in tall and because of these large proportions, you can even consider it as a macaw aviary. Of course, this is only true if you remove the divider that splits the cage into two equal parts that can then be used as parrot enclosures.

Flyline Double Cag

Important Macaw Cage Details
The bar spacing of this macaw cage is 1-in and the wire gauge is 6. You should pay attention to the wire gauge if our macaw is a large one with a strong beak. Another thing we should mention is that it comes with a bird cage seed guard so that the surrounding floor is almost always kept clean.

In Short:

  • It’s big enough to act as an aviary
  • Can be split into two cages with a center divider
  • Has a 1-in bar spacing
  • It’s made with 6 gauge wire
  • Has a bird cage seed guard
  • The top corners are rounded


Aier Double Cage For Macaws

Size Comparison
If we had to compare the size of this cage to the size of a previously reviewed one, we’d definitely say that it’s closer in size to the last third one we reviewed. It’s around 63-in wide, 32-in long, and 73-in tall. This is true of course if you remove the divider and if you put it where it’s supposed to go, the width splits into two.


Lowest Of Prices
The most amazing thing about it is that it’s definitely a lot cheaper than the cages before. In terms of price, all of the before cages were getting close to or went over 1000 dollars but this cage actually costs almost as little as a cheap parakeet cage and it’s around 200 dollars.

Common Build
It’s not like this double macaw cage is made out of less quality materials. All of these cages are either made out of iron or wrought iron and this cage is as well. The part where you have to worry about rusting shouldn’t be a problem since it does feature a powder coating finish.

Aier Double Cage For Macaws

All The Entrances
It features 2 large entrances in the front that will prove to be enough for you to access the inside of the cage whenever you need to. You’ll also find 2 entrances per side that are much smaller since they are feeding entrances and you can place the 4 bowls that come with the cage on them for easier water and food supplies refilling.

In Short:

  • Made out of iron
  • Has a safe for birds powder coat finish
  • It’s around 63-in wide, 32-in long, and 73-in tall
  • Come switch a cage divider
  • Each cage part has its own large entrance
  • Each cage part has its own 2 feeding entrances


PawHut Rolling Metal Bird Cage

Smaller Macaws Cage
Let us be clear, this cage is in no way small but it should be used to house smaller macaws. Although the wire gauge isn’t specified, since it has a 0.5-in wire spacing, it’s easy for us to conclude that it wouldn’t be able to handle the power of some macaws that have incredibly strong beaks.


Main Function And Width
It actually functions as a double flight cage. Flight cages are meant to give your bird a chance to fly around freely inside their home. They shouldn’t fully replace the exercise they need daily but it can definitely lower the quantity of time needed for exercise. They’re mostly extremely wide and this one is 64.25-in wide.

Splitting The Cage
Of course, you can choose to split this double macaw cage into two equal parts so that both of your macaws can have their own, separate living spaces. You’ll get to do this with a removable center divider. The cage sits on a long stand with 6 wheels and a long storage grid.

PawHut Rolling Metal Bird Cage

Front Panel And Interior
Each part of the cage comes with its own main entrance that’s quite large. You’ll also get 4 small entrances in the front where you can place the 4 cups that come with it easily. Additionally, each cage will also come with 4 perches so that means you’ll get a total of 8 perches.

In Short:

  • Has a 0.5-in wire spacing
  • Designed to house smaller macaws
  • can be split into two using a center divider
  • It’s 64.25-in wide
  • The stand it sits on features 6 wheels and a storage grid
  • Comes with 8 perches and 8 feeding cups


Vivohome Stackable Breeding Cage

Cage Blending
Not many cages allow you to take them from the stand and use them without it. This cage, fortunately, does so if you have a special place in your house for your bird cage you can easily make it blend well into your interior without it looking like a nightmare. It’s even colored pink.


Breeding Cage Details
The main use for this double macaw cage is for you to use it as a bird breeding cage. You’ll notice that this is true because it comes with a removable divider. In fact, any of these cages that come with a center divider could be used for breeding if they had a nesting box entrance. None of them do except this one that you’ll find on the left and right sides.

Macaws It Can House
The cage, with the stand on, is 41.3-in tall and without it, it’s 20.5-in tall. The width and length don’t make it any bigger so it’s not likely that you’ll get to house a large macaw inside it. The macaw breeds you can house inside should be close to Hahn’s macaws in terms of size.

Vivohome Stackable Breeding Cage

Spacing And Finish
The bar spacing is a little smaller than the maximum recommended for smaller birds like budgies and finches which is 0.5-in. You don’t have to limit yourself and use it just for macaws. You can easily breed other small birds inside as well. It has a spray paint finish that’s durable and will keep your macaws’ beaks from getting into direct contact with metal.

In Short:

  • Acts as a breeding cage
  • It sits on a removable wheeled stand
  • Overall, it’s 41.3-in tall, and the cage is 20.5-in tall
  • Able to house small macaws
  • Has a 0.43-in wire spacing
  • Features 2 breeding box doors
  • Comes with a center divider

How To Pick A Double Macaw Cage

Since there’s a limited number of them to choose from, getting a proper double cage for macaw birds might be a more difficult task than anyone would like. Pair that with a mostly high price and it makes you wish you don’t get it wrong the first time you’re buying it. To make sure you get the correct cage, we advise you to continue reading this buying guide.

Price Points – It’s no wonder that these cages are usually very expensive. There really isn’t a rule as far as the pricing goes, all we know is that they can easily cost over 1500 dollars. It doesn’t surprise us since sometimes a single macaw cage can cost up to 1000 dollars.

Cage Splitting – If you’re prepared for it and are allowed to do it, most of these double macaw cages can have a connected interior so that two macaws don’t have to be housed separately inside their own cages. Luckily, if you do choose this option, you can always go back to separate macaw housing since they come with removable dividers.

Macaw Partners – If you’d like to house 2 macaws together there are some precautions that you should take. For starters, you shouldn’t house birds of the same sex together. The birds should also be introduced to one another in a neutral environment and then you can gradually let them live together.

Macaw Beaks – Macaws, apart from being large, are very strong birds with incredibly strong beaks. That’s the sole reason why you should pay extra attention to the quality of the finish and the thickness of the wire. Some of these cages have a specified gauge and the lower the gauge, the thicker the wire is.

To Sum Up

Although it is a bit pricey, we can’t but not recommend the Flyline Double Cage as the best double macaw cage. It’s so large that it can be used as an aviary if you remove the divider that splits the cage into two and it’s even made with durable 6 gauge wire. If you want to read more about cages and aviaries for macaws, we’d advise you to either read the article about stainless steel macaw cages or outdoor macaw aviaries.

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