Top 6 Christmas Cat Scratcher Houses And Trees On The Market

Holidays are on the way and you’re looking for the perfect Christmas cat scratcher house?

Don’t worry, we found the best 6 models on the market.

Keep on reading and choose the best sisal, house, tall, cardboard, or tree one, so your cat can also enjoy in the Christmas spirit. For more helpful tips, check our guide at the end of the post.

The Summary

Wondershop Boutique Ski Chalet House summaryBest Of Best:
Wondershop Boutique House
Ski chalet house has a cute Christmas design. It has 2 floors for comfort and a cardboard surface for scrathing.
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Boluo Scrathing Post summaryBest Sisal:
Boluo Scratching Post
If your choice is sisal scrathing post this cute Christma tree design will be perfect. It has 2 scrathing posts and hanging toys.
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Pawnie House Scratcher summaryBest House:
Pawnie House Scratcher
This cute Christmas house will look great in your home. It has 2 doors for easy moving and a corrugated cardboard surface for scrathing.
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ScratchMe Scrathing Post summaryBest Tall:
ScratchMe Scratching Post
The simple design of this scrathing post will fit every home interior. It is made of durable cardboard with a stable base.
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Middle Gingerbread House summaryBest Cardboard:
Middle Gingerbread House
If you like the gingerbread theme, this cat house is perfect. It has a large door for the entrance and a toy for playing.
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Topkitch Cactus Scrathing Post summaryBest Tree:
Topkitch Cactus Scratching Post
The functional design of this cactus scrathing post is all your cat needs for Christmas. It is wrapped with a carpet and sisal rope.
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Best 6 Christmas Cat Scratcher Houses And Trees

Best Of Best: Wondershop Boutique House

Holiday Pattern
If you’re looking for a functional and cute design, this Wondershop cat scratcher is a great choice for your cat. It is fully made of sturdy and durable cardboard, with a colorful holiday pattern, so it can fit with your Christmas decor.

Wondershop Boutique Ski Chalet House

2 Floors
This modern cat scratcher has 14 x 15.25 inches x 21.25 inches, and it is large enough to fit most cats. It has 2 floors for maximum comfort and your cat will love using it. Lightweight construction can be placed anywhere.

Corrugated Cardboard
At the bottom there are large doors, so your cat can easily enter inside. The bottom of this Christmas cat scratcher house is covered with corrugated cardboard, a perfect material for enjoyable scratching.

Wondershop Boutique Ski Chalet House review

Place For Sleeping
The top floor also has a corrugated cardboard surface, so your cat can fully stretch her muscles while scratching her claws. This is the perfect spot for observing, and when your cat wants to have some privacy and sleep, she can use the bottom of the house.

In Short

  • Scratcher has a  cute holiday pattern
  • Fully made of cardboard
  • 2 floors for comfort
  • Bottom floor for scrathing and sleeping
  • Top floor for observing and stretching

Best Sisal: Boluo Scratching Post

Modern Shape
For cats that prefer a sisal cat scratching post, this Boluo one is a great choice for your pet. It is made of high-quality materials, in a modern Christmas shape, so it catches your cat’s attention to using it on a daily basis.

Boluo Scrathing Post

Stable And Sturdy
Christmas cat scratcher had a sturdy bottom base, made of heavy chipboard, to prevent tipping and wobbling, so your cat can use it without worries. It is covered with a green carpet to provide comfort.

Sisal Post
There is a 20’9 inches tall scrathing post, wrapped with green sisal, perfect for loud scrathing that cats love the most. There is also a small post covered with a carpet, so it is suitable for cats of all sizes and ages.

Boluo Scrathing Post review

Hanging Balls
For more fun, there are cute hanging balls, so your cat can play all day long. Place this Christmas tree scratching post where your cat moves around the most and store it quickly for the next holidays.

In Short

  • Modern Christmas shape
  • Sturdy base for stability and safe use
  • Tall scrathing post wrapped with sisal
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes
  • Hanging balls for playing and fun

Best House: Pawnie House Scratcher

Cute Design
If you want to buy a Christmas cat scratcher house that has a cute design, this is the perfect one for your pet. It is made of durable cardboard, and it has a Christmas design. Cardboard can be recycled after use

Pawnie House Scratcher

Easy Moving
This cute cat scratcher has 19.3 x 10 x 14 inches, and it is suitable for most cats, except large ones. It looks like a real house, with 2 doors for easier moving, so your cat can easily enter inside.

Lightweight Scratcher
Place the scratcher in a corner of your home, it will fit perfectly with your holiday decor. It is lightweight, so you can easily move it from place to place.

Pawnie House Scratcher review

Catnip Bag
The bottom of the house has a cardboard surface for scrathing, so your cat can always have healthy nails. House scratcher is a perfect place for sleeping as well. A bag of catnip is included with the package.

In Short

  • Scratcher house with a cute design
  • Made of durable recycled cardboard
  • Suitable for most of the cats
  • 2 doors for quick moving
  • Cardboard surface for scrathing

Best Tall: ScratchMe Scratching Post

Unique Design
This Christmas scratcher is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a tall scratcher for your cat. It has a unique Christmas tree design, which will perfectly go with your holiday decor.

ScratchMe Scrathing Post

Sturdy Bottom Base
This unique cat scrathing post has 15. 16 x 21. 10 x 22. 05 inches, so it is suitable for cats of all sizes and ages. It has a round bottom base, that is wide and sturdy enough to provide stability.

Durable Scratching Post
Scrathing post is made of corrugated cardboard, and it has 5 layers that are pressed and glued together, so you don’t have to worry about durability. A tall scrathing post will provide easy stretching.

ScratchMe Scrathing Post review

Catnip Included
Scratcher comes with a bag of catnip, sprinkle it on the holes to catch your cat’s attention. Place the scrathing post in the corner of your house where your cat mostly moves around and store it easily when is not in the use.

In Short

  • Tree design scrathing post
  • A round base made of sturdy material
  • Tall scrathing post made of pressed cardboard for durability
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes
  • Catnip bag included with the package

Best Cardboard: Middle Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Theme
Gingerbread house cat scratcher is always a great choice for the Christmas holidays, it perfectly goes with home decor and this gingerbread theme will catch your cat’s attention for using it every day.

Middle Gingerbread House

For Medium Size Cats
This Christmas cat scratcher house is made of durable cardboard and it looks like a real house, with a roof, windows, and doors. With a measurement of 14 x 12 x 16 inches, this corrugated cardboard cat house is suitable for small to medium size cats.

Scrathing Surface
The bottom of the house is covered with a corrugated cardboard surface, so your cat can scratch her claws and have healthy nails. House is a perfect place for some rest, and privacy, and your cat will use it every day for sleeping.

Middle Gingerbread House review

Toy For Playing
House is lightweight so you can quickly move it from place to place, and find the perfect spot so your cat can use it on a daily basis. t the front, there is a hanging toy for playing. Assembly is quick and easy.

In Short

  • Designed with a gingerbread theme
  • Made of durable cardboard to look like a house
  • Suitable for medium-size cats
  • Cardboard bottom surface for scrathing and sleeping
  • Hanging toy for fun

Best Tree: Topkitch Cactus Scratching Post

Simple Decoration
If you need a modern cat scratcher that you can use during the Christmas holidays and during all year, this Topkitch scrathing post is a perfect choice for you. This Christmas cat scratcher is perfect if you want a simple Christmas decoration.

Topkitch Cactus Scrathing Post

Cactus Design
It comes in a unique cactus design, with a Christmas cap at the top of the scrathing post, which you can easily place or remove, depending on the time of the year. It has a great functional design.

Tall Scratcher
A sturdy bottom base will provide stability and it is covered with a green carpet. Scrathing post is wrapped with natural sisal and a carpet, so your pet can use both surfaces for scrathing. It is 32 inches tall, suitable for cats of all sizes.

Topkitch Cactus Scrathing Post review

Quick Setup
You can easily move the scrathing post and store it when it’s not in the use. With the package, you will get a colorful hanging toy for playing. Assembly is required, you will need a few minutes for the whole setup.

In Short

  • Functional design with removable Christmas cap
  • Unique cactus shape
  • Sturdy base covered with a carpet
  • Tall scrathing posts wrapped with sisal rope
  • Colorful toy for playing

How To Pick The Best Christmas Cat Scratcher?

If you love to have a Christmas holiday theme in your home and you want to buy a cat house that will perfectly fit with it, read our guide To find out how to pick the perfect one.

Pick The Design – There are so many different kinds of cool cat scratchers on the market, and it is very hard to pick but we will recommend some popular ones. If you prefer a house shape, pick the one with the gingerbread theme, which will perfectly fit every home decor. If you want something simple, we recommend scrathing post with a Christmas tree design.

Check The Dimensions – One of the most important things you need to check before buying is how large the scratcher is. It is important that also your cat can use it easily and stretch her muscles. Also, if you pick a house, make sure doors are large enough for entrance and fitting. If you have a small cat or kitten pick whatever you want but for large cats we recommend 24 inches.

Scratching Material – Depending on your cat’s needs and what she is used to scratch, pick the right material for scrathing. If you pick a different material, maybe she will not use it. The surface needs to be made of high quality and durable material, which is pt friendly. You can pick between, sisal, carpet, cardboard, and much more scratching materials.

Functional And Stable – Besides the features above, make sure that the scratcher is functional, so your pet can easily use it. If you have an active cat, pick the one with 2 floors or a house with doors for easy moving. If you prefer a scrathing post, make sure it has a stable base, so you don’t have to worry about wobbling. We recommend picking the Christmas cat scratcher that can be easily stored for next season.

To Sum Up

From 6 different models that we reviewed, the best Christmas cat scratcher in our opinion is Wondershop boutique house. It has a beautiful design, and 2 floors for comfort. There is a cardboard surface for scrathing on both levels. If you love buying a holiday scratchers, check our post and pick the best Halloween cat scratcher. Also, if you need a space-saving design, pick the best hanging cat scratcher, and place it on any door or wall.

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