Are Majestic Palms Poisonous To Cats: Should Owners Avoid It?

Pet lovers who want to keep plants indoors need to be aware of the fact that some may be poisonous to their cats. It is extremely important to provide a safe environment for your cat.

If you love majestic palms but also own a cat, you surely wonder: are majestic palms toxic to cats? Should I remove the plant?

In this article, we bring you some general facts about majestic palm and is it safe to keep indoor with a cat.

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General Facts About Majestic Palm

Majestic palm is a very decorative and cherished indoor plant. It originates from Madagascar and can grow up to 10 feet, but is kept as a decorative plant all around the world. In warmer areas, it can be grown as a part of the garden, but in colder needs to be secured in closed space. Palm has big leaves that need enough sun for further growth, so you need to keep it on the south or east side of your home, near the window. Be sure that it has more than 3 feet of free space for branches. Also, it needs a lot of water and regular watering. Water it with clean water once a week, but don’t leave water under a pot or it can damage the root. In case the plant is kept indoors, make sure that the humidity level is high. Grow it in sandy, mixed soil for succulents and fertilize from May to June, once a month. The palm grows quickly, which means it needs annually repotting. This species is non-flowering, so it is attractive only because of leaves. Yet, bigger ones have a wooden trunk which can be very interesting for curious cats. Since it can get heavy to 70 kg, it can be very dangerous play in case it falls over.

Cats And Indoor Plants

Cats are very curious pets and need something to occupy them for most of the time. It is completely possible to grow indoor plants and have a cat, but you need to make some adjustments before it becomes a private jungle.

Lift Plants Up

If you keep the plant on the floor, it looks very natural to cats and they might use it as a toilet and chew leaves. If you want to protect your plants, bring them higher and put them in bigger pots, so it is harder for a cat to climb on.

Make Playground

Cats need to be occupied or instead can make a mess. If you want your cat to feel entertained, you need to build a playground when it is alone. There are many creative ideas, from DIY funnels to enormous climbing toys. If you don`t have your idea, you can find many ideas on how to keep cats entertained while at work. Be sure that you keep it far away from plants.

Ensure Clean Sand

Pot soil smells like nature and cats love to use a clean and fresh toilet. To avoid it, be sure to clean and change their sand regularly and put it away from any plant.

Use Smell

If your cat is very stubborn and continues making a mess, use a natural spray to keep it from the plant. You can try with water and cayenne pepper which is sprayed on leaves. This won`t damage the plant but will keep a cat away.

Are Majestic Palms Poisonous To Cats?

It is important to stress that toxic plants shouldn’t be near any pet. Yet, if you have wondered are majesty palms toxic to cats, you can relieve because it is completely non-toxic. Some palms can be dangerous, but this is completely harmless. Yet, it seems that cats adore it. Usually, they play with feathery leaves since they are very interesting. Yet, sometimes they just eat it. The reason is the same as why do dogs eat plants. Don’t worry because they do it to solve digestion problems. It is just an indicator that they don’t feel well, so be sure to check their food. Since palms grow quickly, even if a cat eats them regularly, you won`t notice any damage.


Poisonous Plants For Cats

Cats need to be controlled to avoid any of these plants from the list. Usually, when they eat them, the first sign is digestion problems. Yet, there are more serious complications that can lead to death. Be sure that you don’t have any of them in the home with a cat.


Lilies have big flowers with vivid colours and a pleasant smell, but they can be rather dangerous for cats. The most dangerous part doesn`t flower, but bulbs. If you grow them, avoid cats digging near bulbs. Eating bigger amounts can cause severe kidney damage.


Marijuana is dangerous only when is smoked, so ingestion can cause changes in the central system. Symptoms are vomiting, diarrhoea and loss of appetite. Smaller amounts can be consumed as medicine, but only after the vet`s agreement.

Tulip Bulbs

As lilies bulbs, tulip or narcissist bulbs are very poisonous for cats. If you intend to grow it, fence the area. Eating it cause digestion problems and convulsions.


This beautiful bush with big and scented flowers is one of the most dangerous for cats. Eating it leads to coma and later death. Since it grows big, it is better to avoid it.


Oleander is well-known to be toxic. It grows in warmer areas in nature, but cats have learnt to avoid it. Yet, if you keep it indoors, they might chew leaves. Depending on the quantity, eating it can lead to cardiovascular problems, diarrhoea and death.


This scented flower grows in woods but is usually grown on the windows all year long. It has a strong scent with a fruit note that is very interesting to cats. Eating fowers cause severe vomiting.


This is a very common indoor plant, but toxic indeed. Trying it for one time won`t make much damage to a cat, but regular eating can cause problems with heart rate.

English Ivy

This plant might be very decorative and even found in nature, but is dangerous for cats. First, it can cause skin allergy if it passes by. Eating it causes severe diarrhoea and blood in poop.


Pothos is a very interesting plant since it climbs and cats consider it ideal for climbing. Yet, swallowing leaves can cause irritation and swelling of oral tissues.

Peace Lily

Another indoor plant is well-known for causing swallowing of the mouth and lips. It is dangerous for pets because they can`t breathe properly, especially if you don`t notice on time.

snake plant

Safe Plants For Cats

We have numbered many plants that are dangerous for cats, but there are even more. Yet, if you still want to decorate the house with plants, you can try some of those from the list below.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is a very decorative climbing and simple plant. It has narrow and sharp leaves with two white stripes. It is completely safe for cats and tends to grow from the ceiling, so they won`t be able to damage it.

Ponytail Palm

This small palm has curly leaves and can be kept on the table. It can be very interesting to cats, especially because of curly, long leaves, but it is completely safe. Leaves are very resistant and will grow again if the cat destroys them.

African Violet

African violet is an ideal plant for darker space and is recommended to keep near computers or TV. It has bright-coloured flowers, but they don’t have a scent and is completely safe for cats.


This is another plant with a beautiful flower that can be held in a household with a cat. They need to be kept on the sunny window which is usually too high for a cat to jump. Also, they usually have red flowers which cats tend to avoid.


Fern is a very decorative plant that lives in woods all around the world. Their offspring can be eaten, so it is completely safe for cats and dogs to eat them. Also, it keeps humidity in the air and purifies air which is helpful for cats in urban cities.


Orchid is a very decorative plant with various flowers. The most dangerous about it is the beautiful flower that a cat might consider a toy. Be sure to keep them in a light and high position to avoid any damage.


This flower has pale leaves and a beautiful pink flower and is a common indoor plant. It needs to be on alone place, with enough light and watered once a month. Since it has fragile leaves, cat bite marks can be easily seen.


Herbs are completely safe for cats and can be grown in a garden or apartment. Some of them have appealing taste and cats love it, but some, like parsley, can even irritate them. Yet, basil and oregano might smell like food, so keep them away from them.

To Sum Up

Cats are very curious animals and living with indoor plants may be challenging. Yet, if you have been worrying wondering are majestic palms poisonous to cats, here is the answer: the majestic palm is completely safe for them. However, some plants are toxic for cats so try to avoid having them near your pets. To prevent your pet from climbing on palms and other plants, you should purchase a chic cat tree or a modern cat scratcher that will entertain your cat.

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