How To Keep Cats Entertained While You Are At Work – Guide

Cats are naturally very curious animals and if you leave them alone for the whole day, something may be damaged. It is better to keep them in pairs, but mutual games can become boring.

So you’re wondering know: how to keep cats entertained while at work?

Keep reading and you will find the answer! We’re bringing you 10 games or solutions to keep your pet entertained.

kitty cat playing

How To Take Care Of Cat?

Cats can be very delicate and quite different from a dog, so you need to take good care of it. Also, if you didn’t know how long cats live in captivity, now is the time to learn. They can live up to 15 years and before taking one, think about this commitment. First, they need a warm and comfortable bed. Cats are well-known for their constant wish of spending time in secured, hidden and cosy places. There are many types of beds, but be sure it is clean and big enough for your cat to change poses. Then, you need to provide them with fresh water all day long and two meals during the day. Be sure they eat the recommended daily dose to keep a healthy weight. Cats are very clean animals that enjoy cleaning themselves but to keep them happy, you need to maintain their space. This means regular sand cleaning and fur brushing to avoid odours. Cats are very social animals and need your attention, but care, too. If it shows any sign of illness, contact the vet immediately. Also, vaccinate it regularly, due to laws and needs. Be sure that your cat has a safe home and you will get a loyal and cuddly pet.

Which Cat Breed Is The Best For Staying Alone?

There are many cat breeds and choosing the right one depends only on you. You can choose on its look or behaviour. But, if you want an indoor cat, these breeds are usually a good option. Ragdoll cats are an ideal choice for people who like bigger cats and want cuddly pets. Himalayan cats are very energetic but prefer to stay indoors. Siamese cats are most like dogs and need a lot of companions. But, if you need breeds that can stay alone for a longer time, these are ideal for you. Persian cats are very independent and can stay alone for most of the day. They are usually low-energy, calm and quiet and love to entertain themselves. Norwegian forest cats are also very independent and love to spend time alone. It loves outdoor space with its hunting spirit, so a secured garden or just a good view is enough. Maine coon is another larger breed that is very independent and wants free time. It can be cuddly when you are at home but love its peace. Lastly, a great indoor cat that loves to be lonely is the British longhair cat. This slightly stubborn cat appreciates the free time but will make hilarious poses.

cat play

How Long Can You Leave Cat Alone?

Leaving a cat alone depends on your activities, but you need to be aware that having one is a big commitment. So, if you want to have plans, you first need to satisfy its needs. Yet, if you are still interested in how long a cat can go without eating or drinking, here are some answers. Many people choose cats over dogs just because they need low maintenance and love to spend time alone. Generally, an adult cat can be alone for 8 to 12 hours and it will make less mess if you keep it entertained. If you train your cat a bit and provide enough food, water and sand, it can be alone for even 24 hours. It is very important how old the cat is. Kittens, until 12 months, should be alone for a maximum of 6 hours. Older cats can be alone for a whole day, but more than that is torturing.

How Much Activity Does Cat Need?

Depending on breed and age, cats need activity and companionship. There are different types of activities and they can be mental or physical. Mental activity will keep them entertained and there will be less damage in your apartment. Both types of activities are very important for keeping good overall health. It can prevent obesity, which is one of the major problems for domestic cats. An average time for exercising for an adult indoor cat should be around 30 minutes per day. This includes moderate exercise. Don’t force it to run or do anything it hates. Rather use fun games to increase activity and make your cat comfortable doing it. Any type of moving game is more needed than a forced walk in the neighbourhood. Having a schedule from an early age will help you maintain exercise every day.

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10 Ways How To Keep Cats Entertained While At Work

Cats are low maintenance pets, but you need to keep them entertained while at work. This is important for both you and them. If they have activities in their spare time, you can save some time for exercising. What is more, entertained cats are more satisfied and won`t make any damage to your furniture. We bring you 10 ways how to keep cats entertained while at work.

Cat Laser Toy

Laser toys are very interesting to cats and safe for use. They project interesting symbols that can entertain cats for hours. It is easy to adjust to working at a certain time or how much you want and will provide endless running and catching games for cats while you are gone.

Food Puzzle

For most of their alone time, cats don’t need much food or water. But, if they become hungry, they may make some trouble. The ideal solution is a food puzzle. Usually, it is a plastic toy with challenging tasks that the cat needs to solve to get the prize. This is an ideal mentally stimulating game for them and at the same time will control food intake.

Cat Trees

Cat trees can be real plants or artificial toys that are intended for climbing, hiding and playing. It is ideal for cats when you have more than one since it imitates the natural environment. Be sure that you use only indoor trees safe for cats that are secured from falling. But it’s better to purchase a cat activity tree and your cat will be entertained for the whole day.

artificial cat tree indoors

Cardboard Toys

Cheap and easy solutions to entertain cats are cardboard toys and boxes. These can easily be done at home with leftovers and are very eco-friendly and recyclable solutions. A plain box can be used for playing hide and seek, but you can easily make a new one even if it destroys it.

Room With A View

As we enjoy a good view, cats like to observe other people or animals. If you live on a higher floor, then be sure your windows are secured and there isn’t a way a cat could open it. Also, if you have a balcony, be sure to secure it with a net or glass and be sure it is high enough for the cat not to jump over it.

Light Music

There are studies and evidence showing that slow and calming music affects a cat’s behaviour. Usually, it is only needed to leave soft music playing to keep them calm and sleepy during their alone time. Yet, it can have a different effect, so try more types of music and control their behaviour when you are home before leaving them alone with music.

Secured Fish Tank

The fish tank is the most interesting thing for your cat, more interesting than cat TV. Fish and colourful movement is interesting for cats. Yet, you need to be perfectly sure that it can’t reach or hurt fish. If you need a cheaper solution, cat TV with fish swimming is ideal for you! The aquariums with lids are also ideal cat proof fish tanks your kitty will enjoy but won’t be able to make damage.


Cat Furniture

If your cat, like most of them, love to stretch and scratch furniture, you need to think about special ones. Made of safe, but strong textile, a cat bench or sofa is ideal for their play, scratch or just be lazy and lay down. To protect your furniture, you can purchase a couch corner cat scratching post.

Limited Space

Limiting space is good if you have a younger cat that makes a lot of mess. You can use child protection and a fence to keep them in one room. Be sure that it has access to fresh water and that it is filled with toys and favourite sleeping material. Then it won`t look like punishment, but rather like playing space.

A Cat Friend

Having another cat might be the easiest solution to keep your cat entertained. It is ideal for them to spend time together and play along. Yet, you need to be sure that you have enough space and monitor their behaviour so they like to spend time together.

To Sum Up

Cats are ideal pets for those who don’t have too much time for spending with them. Yet, they need an everyday dose of exercise that will keep them fit and healthy. What is more, if you leave them alone for a longer time, especially while you are at work, you need to find ways to entertain them. So the question is: how to keep cats entertained while at work? Among many choices, find the one that suits you and your cat the most. Don’t lose faith if you cannot find it at once, be sure to try them all! To ensure security for your cat while you’re at work, it’s beneficial to have a cat camera and treat dispenser so check our reviews. You may also be interested in buying a smart collar for cats so read the reviews and guide here.

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