5 Sad Police Dog Death Statistics For 2022

For many years, there have been police dog death statistics that show how dogs lose their lives by serving people. Not that only dogs are extremely loyal animals, they will risk their lives for humans.

Police dogs are extremely helpful in many police actions, including burglaries, attacks on criminals, but unfortunately, they are frequent victims of general situations. Although, you would be surprised by the statistics because the front-line defense is not the most common cause of death for police dogs, do you know which one is?

Dogs are extremely smart and active, but often training can be extremely difficult, which can lead to fatal consequences. Do you know how many dogs die from exhausting training and poor conditions including for example heat? If you are interested in statistics on this topic, continue reading the article.

Top 3 Police Dog Death Facts
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  • There are around 50,00 police dogs in the U.S.
  • Air conditioning and equipment failures cause 19 of 46 heatstrokes.
  • Since 2011. there have been around 620 police dog deaths.

Top 5 Newest Police Dog Death Statistics

1. There are around 50,00 police dogs in the U.S.

According to dog statistics, the U.S has one of the highest numbers of dogs per capita and fortunately, some of them became police dogs. Highly intelligent dogs that work as police dogs on a regular basis count around 50,000 of them in the U.S.

They’re protecting their police lead as well as the whole group. Dogs are highly trained for dangerous situations, which some of them, unfortunately, end up fatal for dogs.

Source: 3dk9detection.com

2. In 2015. there have been 26 police dog fatalities

As the number of police dogs increases every year, there is a higher possibility that more of them will be killed. In 2015. according to the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP), there were 26 police dog fatalities. Compared to 2013., this is 30% more dog fatalities.

Source: thebark.com

3. Over 40 % of dogs died due to heat exhaustion

Most people think that police dogs were killed during the attacks and violence on the front lines, but that’s not the case. Over 40% of dog fatalities happened because of heat during training or overheated cars without proper equipment such as air conditioners.

Over 40 percent of dogs died due to heat exhaustion

Source: thebark.com

4. Air conditioning and equipment failures cause 19 of 46 heatstrokes

In many cases, air conditioning failure is one of the reported factors that caused 19 of 46 heatstrokes. Dogs were left in cars without air conditioners or windows open which ended fatally. Because of those cases, many officers were suspended.

Source: greenbaypressgazette.com

5. Since 2011. there have been around 620 police dog deaths

From 2011, there have been reported around 620 police dog death. Some of them were because of heatstroke, at least 18 death we’re connected with extremely hard training and exercise, mostly in direct sunlight or at high temperature.

Although dogs used for training are extremely active and healthy, in many cases, the exhaustion can be fatal.

Source: greenbaypressgazette.com

To Sum Up

According to police dog death statistics, there have been over 600 fatal cases since 2011. Statistics about why dogs are the best include the fact of how smart and loyal they are, so it’s not a surprise how well they can serve in extremely dangerous situations. Unfortunately, the front-line attack is not the number one cause of death. Equipment failure like an air conditioner in cars or trucks caused around 40% of deaths.

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