How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Grass: 5 Prevention Tips

Would you like to know some effective ways on how to stop your dog to eat all of the grass on your lawn?

We are here to help you out!

In this article, we listed a few most effective tips for stopping this type of behavior with your dog. Eating grass occasionally isn’t something to be concerned with, but if it starts to be a daily habit it means that something is wrong. We advise you to try the tips we give you, but if your pet continues to eat grass, consult your vet.

dog in the grass

How To Get Dog To Stop Eating Grass?

1. Change Their Diet

One of the most common reasons dogs start to eat grass is because they are missing some nutrients in their diet. Most packaged dog food doesn’t include all of the minerals and vitamins they require. Therefore, we advise you to examine the ingredients in your dog’s food to see what nutrients may be missing, then add some high-fiber food into their diet. This should stop your dog from chewing on grass all the time.

2. Exercise Every Day

When dogs are bored, sometimes they will start eating grass. To prevent them from getting bored you should make sure your dog is getting enough exercise every day. Take them out for long walks or runs and play with them or try giving them those chewing toys to suppress this type of boredom-related behavior. An auto ball thrower might be a great solution.

3. Get Indoor Grass

Since grass outdoors can be very harmful to your pet due to all of the chemicals being used to make it grow, getting them an indoor grass might help. The indoor grass is also called the pet grass and can be purchased in your local pet store and it is going to be free of any chemicals. Consider some of the best grasses for dogs to eat and make your dog pleased. You can put it in a place where your dog can reach it. That way your dog can eat on it and will probably not have a big desire to eat grass when you take him outside.

dog with owner

4. Train Your Dog

Sometimes eating grass could be a dog’s instinct or your dog simply likes the taste of grass. There is wider story behind why do dogs eat grass and dirt. In those cases, owners may try to train their dog to stop this kind of behavior. Keep an eye on your dog when you take him out and give them a firm “No” when you see them eating grass. You can even reward them with some kind of a treat if they listen to your command. It is important to do it through a longer period not just once and expect your dog to learn it right away.

5. Consult Your Vet

Like we already mentioned at the beginning of the article, if none of these techniques don’t work over some time, talk to your vet about it. They can run some tests and maybe figure out if there are any physiological reasons why this is constantly happening. They will also give you more professional advice on how to stop your dog from eating grass.

To Sum Up

Depending on the reasons why your dog eats grass, there are a few solutions mentioned in this article. We encourage you to try them for some time and if there is still no improvement in your dog’s behavior them we advise you to consult your vet. The best way to keep an eye on your pet is through the pet monitor camera, which we reviewed in one of our articles. But if you want to monitor your pet when you aren’t at home, click on the link and check out the article about cameras to watch dog at home.

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