Best 6 Bird Travel Bag And Carrier Easy For Carrying Reviews

Have you been hoping to finally find the perfect bird travel bag or carrier for your specific type of bird but found nothing that stuck out so far?

We’ve comprised an article where we made sure to review only the ones that stick out with their build, safety, and performance. Keep on reading if you want to be guaranteed to read about a carrier that might interest you because we reviewed all sorts of carriers like macaw, parrot, cockatiel and even budgie carriers with more to come

The Summary

BEST OF BEST BIRD TRAVEL CARRIER SummaryKings Cages Large Aluminium Carrier
This travel cage is made out of aluminum. What this means in terms of bird safety is that there isn’t a chance that your bird will suffer metal poisoning.
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BEST MACAW TRAVEL CARRIER SummaryPennzoni Display Macaw Carrier
Since it’s entirely made out of acrylic material, this also means that your macaw will have a full view of its surrounding since it’s clear.
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BEST BACKPACK FOR BIRD TRAVEL SummaryGatycallaty Bird Carrier Backpack
Due to the two back shoulder straps and one longer top shoulder strap, you can either use this carrier as a travel backpack or travel bag.
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BEST COCKATIEL TRAVEL CARRIER SummaryPawHut 22″ Heavy Duty Carrier
The wrought iron construction should be enough to prevent your cockatiel from bending the wire but if not there’s always the 10 gauge wire build.
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BEST BUDGIE TRAVEL CARRIER SummaryFeatherland Paradise, Perch ‘n Go
The main material used to make this carrier is polycarbonate material or PC plastic. The door and back panel are made out of stainless steel.
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BEST SMALL BIRD TRAVEL CARRIER SummaryPrevue Pet Products Travel Carrier
If your primary focus is your birds’ safety inside your car you might want to get this carrier that has a welded bracket for fastening it with a seatbelt.
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Best 6 Bird Travel Carriers


Kings Cages Large Aluminium Carrier

Big Length Importance
You really don’t want to miss out on a carrier like this one. It mainly has to do with its material construction but also its size. You’ll rarely find a travel carrier that’s longer than 20-in and this measurement is really important for birds like larger macaws since their tail can get bet if the carrier is not appropriately sized. This one is 20.25-in long.


Keeping Birds Healthy
Since it’s made out of a type of metal, you should also worry about whether or not the rusted metal can become a health hazard to your bird or parrot. Aluminum is the metal used to make and what’s so great about it is that it doesn’t rust. Even if it does, aluminum oxide is safe for birds to ingest.

Wire Spacing Importance
With a bird travel carrier, you only need to make sure that the wire spacing is not too wide. This one has a 5/8-in wire spacing meaning you can easily use it as a cockatiel travel cage as well as a macaw carrier or travel cage. We would advise against prolonged use since it is still too small to be an actual bird enclosure.

Kings Cages Large Aluminium Carrier

Common Bird Cage Features
It does feature all of the things that a regular bird cage does. These things are the slide-out cleaning tray and top wire grid, 2 wooden perches, one main entrance and 2 smaller entrances that act as feeding entrances, and even 2 bowls for food and water. It even comes with two carrying handles.

In Short:

  • Made out of aluminum
  • Aluminum rust is safe for birds to get into contact with
  • It’s 20.25-in long
  • Has a 5/8-in wire spacing
  • Can house medium-sized and some large sized birds
  • Features 2 carrying handles
  • Comes with 2 perches and food and water bowls


Pennzoni Display Macaw Carrier

Clear Design Reasoning
Most birds are highly social but macaws are definitely more social and need to feel close to their owner. Traveling is a stressful time for any bird and especially them due to the previously mentioned fact and the size of the cage they’re in. This is where this clear cage comes into play to save the day.


Material Type And Thickness
Although acrylic materials are a type of plastic, other clear plastics like PVC can’t match its strength and durability. What’s even better about the acrylic material of this bird travel carrier is that the material is 1/4-in thick. We can confidently say that your bird won’t get to damage it.

Macaw Size To Fit Inside
If you’re wondering what type of a macaw travel carrier this is it’s designed to house the biggest of macaws. It’s 27-in long so you won’t have to worry about your macaws’ tall getting bent which is a common problem for macaw travel cages since they’re just not big enough most of the time.

Pennzoni Display Macaw Carrier

Ventilation And Storage
You’ll probably find useful the fact that you can fold this carrier when you’re not using it so that it doesn’t take up a lot of your storage space. Ventilation is provided through the tiny holes all around the cage and you can use these holes to place a single perch on the inside.

In Short:

  • It’s entirely made out of acrylic material
  • It’s clear for your bird to be less stressed
  • Can be folded down for storage
  • It’s 27-in long
  • Able to house large macaws
  • Comes with a single perch


Gatycallaty Bird Carrier Backpack

Two Functions
We wanted to stick with larger birds for this review since the rest will be targeted at smaller birds. It functions in two ways though. You can either use it as a bird travel backpack or you can use it as a bird travel bag. This is thanks to the two shoulder straps in the back and the hooks for a single shoulder strap on top.


Vision And Privacy
No matter how you choose to use it the front will definitely be useful since it’s made out of clear plastic materials. Your bird or birds will get to partially see what’s happening on the outside and if you want to reduce outside visual and auditory stimulation, you can cover the front with a piece of cloth that can be rolled up.

 The Rest Of The Bag
The rest of this travel bag is made out of what you’d typically expect a backpack to be made out of. It’s made out of soft fabric and the top and bottom feature holes for ventilation. The sides hold zippered pockets where you can store anything you’d like, ranging from bird accessories to your own personal items.

Gatycallaty Bird Carrier Backpack

Bird Numbers And Interior Details
It’s 13-in long and wide, and 17-in tall. It’s of the perfect size to house smaller macaws and parrots like African grey but you can also comfortably house small birds inside. In fact, if you do use it as a parakeet travel carrier or other small birds carrier, you’ll get to house more than one bird inside. The interior comes with a perch, a toy, and 2 food bowls.

In Short:

  • Has a clear material front
  • The rest is made out of soft fabric
  • Can act as a backpack or a travel bag due to the shoulder straps
  • Comes with a perch, toy, and 2 food bowls
  • Can house one larger bird or multiple small birds
  • The clear material bit can be covered for privacy


PawHut 22″ Heavy Duty Carrier

Size Fit For Cockatiels
With regular indoor bird cages, you can usually house a cockatiel inside a cage made for parakeets and other small-sized birds but it’s not the case with travel carriers every single time. Although the size difference between the two might seem insignificant, it’s not when you have to contain your bird in a small travel cage. This 18-in long cage will make sure that your cockatiel doesn’t end up with a bent tail.


Wire Thickness And Spacing
It even has a wire spacing that’s great for cockatiels but not for smaller birds which is 0.6-in. The bars have a 10 gauge which will leave you worry-free when it comes dangers of your bird bending the wire of this cockatiel travel carrier. It’s finished with white color so that it looks even nicer.

Metal Toughness And Protection
It’s made out of wrought iron and it’s a fairly common material used when making bird cages. This is because it offers reliability in terms of metal toughness due to its low carbon content. It does rust more easily but the powder coating finish will make sure that doesn’t happen any time soon.

PawHut 22 Heavy Duty Carrier

Entrance Quantity And Functions
The front of this bird travel bag features a large entrance with a bird-proof lock. This entrance also has a smaller entrance built into it that will allow you to access your bird without risking bird escape. Ont the left side you’ll also find 2 feeding entrances where you can place the 2 bowls that come with the carrier.

In Short:

  • Built out of wrought iron
  • Has a white powder coat finish
  • It’s 18-in long
  • The wire has a 10 gauge and a spacing of 0.6-in
  • Comes with 2 bowls for food and water


Featherland Paradise, Perch ‘n Go

Uncommon Build Material
There aren’t as many carriers quite like this one. when you first look at it it looks like a regular travel cage but you can quickly realize that it’s not. It’s made out of polycarbonate material or PC plastic if you will that’s see-through and offers your bird a greater view on the outside.


Stainless Steel Front And Back
It’s not entirely made out of PC plastic though. The front features a stainless steel door while the back features a stainless steel ventilation panel. Don’t worry, stainless steel bird cages are one of the top two cages of choice when it comes to safety for bird cages. The other cages are aluminum.

Two Perches And Their Locations
It comes with a green perch for the inside but this budgie travel carrier also features one on the outside. This perch functions in two ways: You can either use it as a carrying handle to easily transport this bird travel carrier or you can use it for your budgie to rest there when you let him out to fly around indoors.

Featherland Paradise, Perch 'n Go

Proportions And Birds To Be Placed Inside
The parrot travel carrier is 15-in long, 12.5-in tall, and 10-in wide. Pair the measurements with the wire spacing and you have yourself a great carrier for parakeets. By parakeets, we mean budgies but medium-sized birds can fit comfortably inside this carrier as well.

In Short:

  • Primarily made out of PC plastic
  • Has a stainless steel entrance and back panel
  • Suitable for housing small birds like budgies
  • Has an outside perch that acts as a carrying handle
  • It’s 15-in long, 12.5-in tall, and 10-in wide


Prevue Pet Products Travel Carrier

Birds Allowed Inside
When we say this carrier is designed to house small birds we specifically mean the ones that can live inside a cage with a 0.5-in wire spacing. We’ve already reviewed a carrier for budgies and cockatiels but with this review, we want to focus on even smaller birds like finches and canaries.


Car Safety
Since it’s a carrier it makes sense that it’s going to spend a lot of time in your car. You can secure this carrier inside your can with a seatbelt due to a welded bracket that will allow you to safely fasten it with a seatbelt so that it doesn’t move and stress out your bird.

A Wider Range Of Birds Inside
The prevue pet products travel carrier for birds is around 19-in long, 15-in wide 18-in tall. With these proportions, you can use this cage to house macaws as well. They should be mini macaws but that just goes to show how much variety you’re getting with this primarily small bird travel carrier.

Prevue Pet Products Travel Carrier

Perches And Other Accessories
Just like with many travel carrier, the handle for carrying on top can act as a perch for resting or playing. On the inside, you’ll also get a perch but it’s a roper perch and you’ll also get 2 feeding entrances where you can place the two bowls for food and water that come with it.

In Short:

  • Features a welded bracket for seatbelts
  • Has a 0.5-in wire spacing
  • It’s 19-in long, 15-in wide, and 18-in tall
  • Can house small and medium birds
  • Comes with a carrying handle that acts as a perch
  • Features 2 feeding entrances and bowls

How To Pick A Bird Travel Carrier

Since we’re talking about birds and not a specific type of bird, we have to make sure we provide you with enough information on cages for your specific size of bird to really make sure you get the best bird travel carrier. That’s why we’ve made this simple buying guide so you can pick the safest and best on your own.

Important Thing To Remember About Size – When it comes to cage size, the most important thing to take care of is the length. Specifically, the length of a carrier for larger parrots like macaws. These cages are usually smaller and parrots can easily wind up with a bent tail. Larger macaws do great in carriers with a length of above 20-in and smaller ones can do well in carriers with a length of 20-in and below.

Small Bird Carrier Warning – With smaller birds, although you can’t go wrong with size as much, you can go wrong with the wire spacing if the travel carrier is made out of metal and wire. The wire spacing for smaller birds should be 0.5-in or less. Medium birds can go above it but not too much.

Bird Behavior In Cars – Traveling is a stressful time for a bird. From excess moving to a small enclosure, you really want to make sure that your bird is as comfortable as possible. The way you can do this is to make sure that your bird can see you at all times and check out its surroundings.

Material Safety – Although you don’t have to worry about material safety when it comes to plastics you do have to worry about it when it comes to metal carriers. things you should avoid are rust and corrosion. The way you’d want to do this is through a quality finish, usually, this will be a powder coat finish that won’t chip or crack, leaving exposed metal parts to air and moisture.

To Sum Up

We chose to go with the Kings Cages Large Aluminium Carrier as the best bird travel carrier due to its versatility. It has a safe wire spacing to house medium-sized bird as well, the length of 20.25-in allow you to house larger bird like macaws and it’s completely safe for birds because it’s made out of aluminum. If you want to check out more backpacks since we didn’t review a lot of them here, we advise you to read the article about parrot backpacks or if you want about parrot carriers.

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