Best 6 Locator GPS Tag For Cats To Get In 2022 Reviews

If you are looking for a GPS tag for cats, read our article.

We have reviewed the six best models that you can find on the market. Read on to learn the most important details about the best of best, small, collar, cheap, and more cat tag trackers. Also, we have made a small buying guide that will help you choose the right model for you.

The Summary

TabCat GPS Collar Locator SummaryTabCat Tag Tracker
This lightweight, small, and accurate tag tracker for your cat by TabCat attaches to any cat collar and makes you feel safe.
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KumasonCo SummaryKumasonCo Small Cat Locator
The KumasonCo works like an external microchip. It is easy to use and it is one of the best ways to have your cat returned to you.
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Spy GPS Cat Tag Tracker SummarySpy GPS Cat Tag Tracker
The Spy collar uses GPS to track your cat’s location. It attaches to your cat’s collar and accurately tracks its location at all times.
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AnimalRescue SummaryAnimalRescue Cat Locator Tag
Get this cheap tag by AnimalRescue and feel safe about your cat hanging outside. It is a weather-resistant and durable little tag.
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Deklerk SummaryDeklerk Tag For Cats
The Deklerk tag comes with a built-in and long-lasting battery. It is supported by iOS and Android. It is small and lightweight.
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Orbit SummaryOrbit Tracker Tag
Attach this tag to your cat’s collar. Use the app on your smartphone to check out the last know location of your cat.
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Best 6 GPS Tags For Cats


TabCat Tag Tracker

How To Use
The TabCat tag is a lightweight device that locates your cat. It simply attached to your cat’s collar. It uses a handset to locate your cat or kitten. It weighs only 0.2 ounces and it doesn’t bother your cat in any way. You can use this tag for cats of all sizes.

TabCat Loc8tor Tracking Collar Review

How It Works
Once you activate your handset you will hear sound series of beeps. As you are getting closer to your cat’s location, you will see the color-coded lights. When you are far away from your cat, you will see the red light. If you are closer, there will be amber color and green for when you are really close.

Most Important Features
This device locates your cat up to 400 feet. Note that the tag is not waterproof or water-resistant. However, it is splash-proof. It is more accurate than a GPS. It features a long-life battery (lasts for up to one year). The price of this tag is very affordable.

TabCat GPS Collar Locator Review

The Size And Material
This little cat tag measures 6.1 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches. It is a durable small device that is made of quality material. This is a splash-proof, anti-scratch, knocks, or bumps material.

In Short:

  • weighs only 0.2 ounces
  • measures 6.1 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches
  • shows accurate location
  • attaches to any cat collar
  • ideal for kittens as well
  • long-lasting battery


KumasonCo Small Cat Locator

Product Overview
The Kumason locator for your cat is here to help you feel safe. It is a waterproof small GPS tracker for cats you can attach to your cat’s collar. It functions like an external microchip. It is simple to use and the price of this unit is very affordable. Keep on reading to find out more.

KumasonCo Review

The QR Code
The KumasonCO cat tag comes with a QR code. The uniquely engraved code and the ID link to a web page that contacts all of the important information about your cat and you. The cat’s name, age, special needs, and many more, such as owner’s contact, etc.

How It Works
First, you set up a profile and enter all the important information about your cat. Add the owner’s contact as well. If someone finds your missing cat, it will be able to scan the QR code which will link them to its free online pet profile. There is the option of you getting the notification and GPS data when someone scans the code.


Small And Lightweight
This device is of ideal size. It is not heavy and it won’t bother your cat. It comes in dark brown and the engraved information is easily visible. You can easily attach it to your cat’s collar and have it wear it outdoor. The tag is weatherproof.

In Short:

  • lightweight and of ideal size
  • made for outdoor use
  • easy to use set up the cat profile
  • simple to attach to your cat’s collar
  • comes with a special QR code
  • affordable price


Spy GPS Cat Tag Tracker

GPS Tracking
Spy GPS tag for cats will locate your cat if it is missing. It will keep your cat in range with GPS tracking and beep alerts. Download the free app on your Android or iOS and track up to 8 devices at the same time. It comes in different colors and it is affordable.

Spy GPS Cat Tag Tracker Review

Anti-Lost Alarm
This tag tracker can get easily attached to your cat’s collar. It features the anti-lost alarm function that will effectively protect your cats from missing. If your cat is within 75 feet distance range, your phone will ring and you will get to check if your cat is too far away from you.

Easy To Use
This tag gets attached to your cat’s collar. It locates your cat’s last location. It will guide you to your cat and show you its exact location. Use the app and easily find your missing fur friend. Don’t ever worry that your cat will go missing.

Spy GPS Cat Tag Tracker

Durable Battery
This unit comes with a long-lasting battery. It features a built-in CR2032 battery that can last for up to 6 months of use. Having a device that works a long time will make you feel safer. You won’t have to worry if the tag will remain out of battery very soon.

In Short:

  • attaches to the collar
  • comes with a durable battery
  • easy to use
  • accurate cat locator
  • pair the device with the app


AnimalRescue Cat Locator Tag

Budget-Friendly Locator
The AnimalRescue tag for tracking your cat’s location comes at an affordable price. It is a budget-friendly cat finder that works accurately. Attach it to your cat’s collar easily and feel safe about your cat at any time.

AnimalRescue Review

GPS Enabled
This tag will let you know where your cat is. It comes with a QR code and is able to capture the GPS location. Set your cat a profile (go to the to do that) and enter your phone number and e-mail address. Add information about your cat too.

Durable And Accurate
This small tag comes made of laser-engraved anodized aluminum. It is durable and can be used outdoor. It is rust-proof and wether-resistant. Attach it to your cat’s collar and let it go outside no matter the weather. The tag is weather-resistant.


Size And Weight
Always consider buying a small and lightweight device. Thankfully, this GPS tag for cats is of small dimensions, only 1.2 x 0.1 x 1.3 inches. It only weighs 0.32 ounces which makes it lightweight. This is very important because your cat will have to wear it all the time.

In Short:

  • durable and weather-resistant
  • GPS-enabled
  • durable, small, and lightweight
  • budget-friendly
  • easy to attach to your cat’s collar


Deklerk Tag For Cats

Attaches To The Collar
The Deklerk small tag for cats simply attaches to your cat’s collar. It is a durable and small tag that comes with a long-lasting battery included. The size is 4.57 x 2.6 x 0.59 inches and it weighs only 0.32 ounces. It is waterproof and weather-resistant.


Get Notified
Locate your cat easily. Both the tag and your phone will go off after the tag is out of the Bluetooth range. When your cat goes too far away, you will hear the alerts. When you want to disable the whistler, push the button on the remote finder.

Deklerk Review

Track The Location
If your cat has gone too far away, use the map on your phone. The GPS will help you see where your cat was last connected to the network. This tag is compatible with Android and iOs. It works great within a 50m range in open space.

In Short:

  • easy to attach to your cat’s collar
  • locate your cat at any time
  • use the map on your phone
  • compatible with iOS and Android
  • features a built-in battery


Orbit Tracker Tag

Why Choose Orbit
The Orbit GPS tag for cats is here to save you the stress of looking for your cat when you feel like it is missing. Use it to track your cat’s last known location using your smartphone (iOS or Android). If your cat is in range, the tag will play a tune.


Uses GPS
Thanks to the GPS network, you will get to see your cat’s last location through your smartphone. Don’t worry if your cat doesn’t come back home by the time you were expecting it. Use the app and see where it is.

Durable Battery
This tag locator for your cat includes an easily replaceable battery. If the battery is getting low, you will get a notification on your app so you can easily replace it. Simply twist the tag and open it to put the new battery.

Orbit Review

Outdoor Use
This cat tag is made for outdoor use. It is weather-resistant and can be worn on a cat’s collar even on a rainy day. Don’t worry that your tag will stop working even if your cat is outside when it is very cold or warm.

In Short:

  • made for outdoor use
  • comes with a durable battery
  • uses GPS to trace your cat’s location
  • supported by iOS and Android
  • use the app to find out where your cat is

How To Pick: GPS Tags For Cats

If you are still not sure which cat tag tracker you should get, our buying guide is here to help. We will go over a few features that are important to have in mind when buying such a device. First, it should be small and it shouldn’t bother your cat. Then, it should be accurate and reliable. It needs to be made for outdoor use, as well. Keep on reading to find out more.

Small And Lightweight – First of all, make sure the tag tracker you are getting is of small size. It shouldn’t be heavy as well. Your cat will have to carry it on its collar and you wouldn’t want it to be a hassle for your furry friend.

Real-Time Tracking – Don’t get just any cat collar tag. The ideal tag tracker is made by a reliable manufacturer and provides you with an accurate location. It shows you where your cat is in real-time and it makes it easier to find your little friend.

Needs To Be Waterproof – An ideal tag for cats should be water and weather-resistant. Especially if your cat spends a lot of time outside of the house. Get a tag tracker for your cat that will resist the rainy days and will work the same even on a rainy day.

The Battery– Look for a cat tag tracker that has a long-lasting battery. Also, a plus is if you get the one that uses the app. It will notify you when the battery is getting low so can replace it on time. Make sure the battery is easily replaceable.

Where To Buy – In our opinion, it is best to order a cat tag locator from the online retailer. There is a great offer on the Amazon website. We find them reliable and their customer service is always here to help. Read the customer reviews before buying to help you decide.

To Sum Up

After reviewing these six models, we have concluded that the best GPS tag for cats is the TabCat Tag Tracker. We like it because it is small, lightweight, and ideal to use on your cat’s collar. If you want to know more about similar products, check out our articles about the smart collar for cats or cat locator collars.

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